Reviews for "Writing Effective Job Orders That Attract Qualified Candidates Through Your Internet Job Postings"
Reviewed by John on 10/30/2009
Excellent material
Reviewed by Roger on 11/25/2008
This was really excellent. There was a very valuble seminar and gave us some information that you can take away and use right now. Rather ten just a lt of info it gave us a real process. This one was a winner!
Reviewed by William on 11/25/2008
A pleasure to hear experienced agency consultants discuss the realities of the interface between employer customers and us, and then showing how we can explore and modify that experience for our mutual major benefit. Good stuff.
Reviewed by Courtney on 11/25/2008
I found the beginning portion of the training session to be nothing that I was really interested in...but I am not a recruiter, I am the admin person for a group of recruiters. The last portion was exactly what i needed and I found it to be very informative!
Reviewed by Michele on 11/25/2008
Was a great shift in the way I viewed job descriptions and the role they have been playing in the whole process. I enjoyed this immensely, but didn't get all of the handouts, for some reason. I only got page 3
Reviewed by Cynthia on 11/25/2008
Excellent presentation.
Reviewed by Kim on 11/25/2008
I received good information that I will be able to utilize in writing future job orders.
Reviewed by Penny on 11/25/2008
Helpful information overall........template is a good tool to use
Reviewed by Joanne on 11/25/2008
The presentation was ok - much of what was covered is old hat and had been repeated in other presentations or study sessions. I found the questions asked by other people to be the most interesting as they touched on some real problems facing recruiters. The hand-outs were poorly put together and there was not enough room to write between topics. All in all I got a few things out of the presentation.
Reviewed by Lisa on 11/25/2008
The handout material did not correspond to how the course was presented. The template, however, will be very helpful.
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